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Western Professionals is a state registered waste oil management company who has been in the business for over two decades offering services in Southern California, around the greater Los Angeles area.
Western Professionals understand that cleaning up large spaces such as your office or commercial building can be a cumbersome job. We bring reliable solutions to address your cleaning needs. Our team of professionals cater to all your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning requirements.
Western Professional – A Green Company!

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Restaurant Waste Oil Recycling

Western Professional will collect the used cooking oils from deep fryers and food processors from any place or restaurant. Our professionals will recycle the oil and grease for you.

Commercial Building Janitorial Services

Our cleaners will dust, sweep, mop, take out the trash, clean walls, and floors to keep your place shining. Western Professional guarantees to keep your office looking spotless!

Apartment Janitorial Services

With our extensive range of services we ensure maximum cleanliness and clutter reduction in your apartment. We work with a team of experienced maids and cleaners who are focused on getting the job done right the first time.

Services Menu

Service Price Duration Category
Waste Oil Containers (All Size) 180.00 0:15 Restaurant Waste Oil Recycling
Clean Grease Interceptors 170.00 0:15 Restaurant Waste Oil Recycling
Waste Oil Transportation 150.00 0:15 Restaurant Waste Oil Recycling
High And Low Dusting 160.00 0:15 Commercial Building Janitorial Services
Vacuuming 120.00 0:15 Commercial Building Janitorial Services
Clean Desk 100.00 0:15 Commercial Building Janitorial Services
Trash Removal 110.00 0:15 Commercial Building Janitorial Services
Carpet Cleaning 130.00 0:15 Commercial Building Janitorial Services
Floor Stripping & Waxing 115.00 0:15 Commercial Building Janitorial Services
Cleaning Restrooms & Replenish All Toiletries 140.00 0:15 Commercial Building Janitorial Services
Lightbulb Replacements 125.00 0:15 Commercial Building Janitorial Services
Outside Curb Maintenance 135.00 0:15 Commercial Building Janitorial Services
Clean All Common Areas Throughout The Apartment Building 125.00 0:15 Apartment Building Janitorial Services
Vacuum Carpeted Hallways 145.00 0:15 Apartment Building Janitorial Services
Strip/Wax Floors Clean/ Sanitize Trash Chute Entrance 115.00 0:15 Apartment Building Janitorial Services
Pressure Wash Garage 120.00 0:15 Apartment Building Janitorial Services

Western Professional s

Western Professional Cooking Oil Collection and Oil Recycling provide the best services to everyone. We are experts in providing the benefits of cleaning grease interceptors. We make sure that all our services are on time and done perfectly. Our experts have years of experience in providing the best work and making sure that you get the best that you deserve.
The leading services include restaurant waste oil cycling, commercial building janitorial service, apartment janitorial services, etc. Our company specializes in the services of used oil recycling. We use safe and reliable methods to clear oil grease interceptors and offer a variety of cleaning solutions.

Restaurant Trap Cleaning and Maintenance!

For every busy restaurant or commercial kitchen, it’s essential that the grease traps be cleaned and serviced regularly to keep your operations running efficiently. Western professionals give you the best services in recycling used cooking oil to help treat and prevent your grease trap from clogging.
Our professionals will provide waste oil recycling services that keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. If you own a particularly busy restaurant or commercial kitchen it is recommended that you clean your grease trap once every three months. Our team knows the best placements for grease traps and will ensure that yours is at its best!

We Understand Customer Service!

If you are looking for used oil recycling near me then we have got you covered. Your grease trap is the heart and soul of your kitchen’s operation, which is why it’s important to have proper oil pan maintenance.
Western Professional is a cleaning company and we are passionate about protecting the environment. Our team works hard to recycle your used cooking oil and turn it into renewable resources again. We are a leader in state-of-the-art cooking oil recycling. We use high-quality filters and processes to recycle your used cooking oil. Discover the benefits of Western Professional’s grease cleaning interceptors and oil cleaning services.

Affordable Pricing!

We use a sophisticated system that makes sure your used cooking oil is collected in a way that the oil is not mixed with other recyclable materials. We charge only for what you use, and all our pricing is cost-efficient.
Western Professionals offer a complete, streamlined system for total peace of mind. Plus, we provide both used and waste oil recycling, so you never have to worry about running out of fresh oil or having a surplus of used cooking oil. Call us now for more information!

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